An upbeat place for weird unique apparel, art, and accessories that's as one-of-a-kind & made-to-order as you are


At Dayumsun it's our mission to make the clothes and accessories that bring you joy for years while keep your conscious clear. It's just as important that our products are manufactured in a way that makes you as proud to wear them as we are to make them. Limited edition and made to order is how every item is made. This way where house space isn't wasted and there's never any un-used items. 


Brain child of illustrator, designer, and culture junkie Stephen Whalen of whalenillustration. After years of live painting at festivals and creating parking lot tees for Phish shows the idea for a better way to merch was constantly rattling around in his brain. Working for companies large and small Stephen began to hear about the print on demand apparel world. Once teaming up with an amazing manufacturing company with US facilities in California and North Carolina Stephen knew that the time had come to make the vision a reality. 2020 seemed like an auspicious enough time to make a new start and Dayumsun was born.


At the center of it all is the print on demand facilities located here in the good ol' US of A. Meaning that every item is made when you order it and to the highest environmental and labor standards. Here at Dayumsun we feel that looking good and feeling good isn't just on the surface. 



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